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Client Spotlight: Kimberly Faith

Magnifying Hope Services Provided: Copyright registration; contracts; literary agent. Kimberly Faith has spent her life magnifying hope. She is best known for her executive coaching, training, keynote speaking and her book, “Your Lion Inside: Tapping into the Power Within”. She is highly regarded for her executive…

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Client Spotlight: Illumin8er®

The work light that never misses a spot Product Type: LED Work Light. Services Provided: Patent preparation, International design registration, filing, and prosecution; trademark defense; transactional work. Illumin8er® is one of the largest, brightest, and most versatile work lights on the market to date. The Illumin8er® uses…

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Client Spotlight: Xena Intelligent Security®

The Cutting Edge of Alarmed Locks Product Type: Motorcycle and Scooter Locks Services Provided:  Patent preparation, filing, and prosecution; trademark defense; transactional work. Xena Intelligent Security® is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of two-wheeled security. With products like the XX series disc-lock alarms,…

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Client Spotlight: Oogaa®

Feeding Tomorrow, Today Product Type: Silicone feeding products for children and infants Services Provided:  Patent preparation, filing, and prosecution; trademark registration and maintenance; transactional work. Oogaa® has irrevocably changed the way parents feed their young children. Not only do Ooogaa® products utilize bold and engaging designs…

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Client Spotlight: Pizzamico®

In a world full of costly online ordering solutions designed to suit the average restaurateur exists Pizzamico®: a software company providing online ordering solutions to the independent pizzeria, designed around the specific needs of the industry.

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Client Spotlight: Nitroponics™

Nitroponics™ is a patent-pending plasma water treatment technology developed by GreenPath Industries, LLC.  This science-driven company develops and delivers the next generation of agricultural technologies required to feed a hungry planet.

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